Sunday, April 17, 2011

Drawing Anime Girl

Preview  Step 1: Create a new file. Set as following picture.  Step 2: Shift+Ctrl+N, create a new layer. Step 3: Draw. In this drawing, I use the #19 brush which is showing in the following.   Step 4: After the sketch part, Create 3 new layers for cleaning lines.  Step 5: Change opacity of layer “sketch” as following. Step 6: Clean lines as following step Layer 1 Layer 2 Draw the eyes on layer 3. Result. Step 7: Start coloring. On layer2, select the following area and then select inverse.  Step8: Ctrl+Shift+N, create a “skin” layer as following.  Step 9: Go to the Skin layer, press G, use the paint tool to paint the select area on the skin Layer. *change Opacity to 30—50. (Depending on your taste.) Result:  Use darker color to add shadow effect  Step 10: Go to layer 1, select the following area. And select inverse. Create a new layer called “hair”  G again, Use tool as before. Add shadows as before. Result: Step 11: Create a new layer called “eye”. Add colors for the eyes. Step 12: Create a new layer and put it on the top. Draw some high light.  Step 13: Merge Layers 1, 2, 3. Then change the Opacity to 15.  Step 14: Create a new layer called “outline”. Draw the final line. Use whatever colors you want. (I used the dark green for the hair’s outline and brown for the face outline)  Step 15: Clean each layer,and Ctrl+L change the level.  Step 16: Create a new layer for drawing the back ground.   Step 17: Select the following area and inverse select.  Step 18: Delete, to delete the selected area.  Step 19:Change brush, use this brush makes the outline brighter.  Step 20: Sign it! Like a true artist.  Written by Cecilia.

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